This course is designed by the experts who hold real-time experience in Ethereum Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptography, Mining, Creating private blockchains, ledgers, smart contract development, and more

Course Features
  • Pay in 2 installments
  • Live instructor led training
  • Access to Learning Environment
  • Connect to training from home
  • Job assistance
  • Certificate of Completion

What you will get

  • Support from instructor to understand all concepts
  • 30 hours of lab sessions that are reviewed by instructor
  • Support from placement team to get a job
  • Your course fee only covers the instructor and lab costs
  • Our profits are made by placements. We are motivated to place our students.

Blockchain is a new kind of digital technology that supports data transparency and decentralization.  Due to its extensive features, it is applicable in various industries like Banking, Healthcare, Finance, etc. Blockchain is innovative and challenging; therefore, it appears complicated to understand. But, any individual who has knowledge of objective-oriented programming concepts and Linux platform can learn Blockchain. You can learn blockchain in 4 weeks if you put in 8 hours per week.

Our students typically move into the following job roles:

  • Blockchain application developer
  • Senior Developer at Fintech startup
  • Full stack Blockchain developer

Your interest and willingness is the only thing you need to have for attending this training. Any kind of experience with any one of programming languages and previous Knowledge of Javascript, Nodejs, Linux is required for attending this training. To start learning blockchain, first, we should learn the fundamentals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. For doing that, we should join different blockchain communities and visit different crypto vlogs and bitcoin forums. We are very dependent on your success to be successful. Even if you can’t pay the whole amount at one time, we encourage you to pay in two instalments but don’t stop you from the enrollment. We are completely focused on your learning, gaining knowledge, and getting a good job.

Blockchain technologies are very new and companies are willing to pay 30-50% above to market rate to get the best people.

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