About us

Guru (Gu -Darkness Ru- remover)

An initiative by IIT Delhi graduates, Top Tech Gurus is founded by a group of IT industry techies, who aim to provide a ladder for the aspirants to move ahead in their career and enhance their paychecks. Some technologies pay much higher than others. Learning a new technology and changing your job is not easy. Our founders have struggled through that. Now, we would like to help you.

Our Vision

  • To make job oriented hands-on courses available to anyone, any time and anywhere
  • To create a unique process to ensure every member is able to able to change their job

Our Mission

  • All our training programs are Job oriented skill based programs demanded by the Industry
  • Learn practical application oriented skills from wide variety of CoursesĀ 
  • Learn from tutorials curated by expert industry professionals and trainers
  • Learn from wide variety of high quality professional courses & projects
the process

Our coaching process

Our unique step-by-step, learning model along with amazing hands on labs prepared by top-notch professionals from the Industry help participants achieve their goals successfully. 


Balanced communication

Potential life coach

Verifiable Certificate

For every course you complete, you will get verifiable digital and physical certificate. But the best certificate is the offer letter to your next job

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Why Top Tech Gurus?

We are the only company to provide training at cost to the trainee. Our business model is to provide the best trainers and software to train and practice. Our training fees only covers the training costs. Our profits are made by placements. We are motivated to place out students.